To avoid any misunderstandings we ask all our clients to carefully read our substrate specification guidelines, paying particular attention to the accompanying photographs.
All our products are custom made using traditional hand and machine forming methods in our workshop in North Yorkshire.
Specialist equipment is available to produce moulded sections in zinc, pewter and copper. In addition we are able supply hand formed items, as required.

For pricing please submit your requirements to Duncan by e-mail, post or fax. We aim to reply with a quotation or guide price within 24 hours.

To the best of our knowledge, and that of our supplier, zinc is not a hazardous substance. Zinc is an essential part of the diet and is used medicinally for burns and skin treatment in zinc oxide cream, in dental surgery as zinc oxide dressings, and for nappy rash as 'zinc and castor oil'.

Additional useful information may be found in the following links.
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